30 mg Vyvanse For ADHD

When a person is prescribed 30 mg vyvanse to treat ADHD, the doctor will usually recommend that they take it first thing in the morning. Vyvanse is available in oral capsule and chewable tablet forms. People with trouble swallowing can open the capsules and mix their contents with water, juice or yogurt before they eat them. They should not store the mixture or make a larger supply in advance. A doctor may also prescribe the medication to treat narcolepsy or binge eating disorder. If they are treating two conditions, a physician will typically choose different types of stimulants to avoid overlap in side effects.

Vyvanse contains lisdexamfetamine, which is an altered version of dextroamphetamine. It has the same structure and chemical properties, but it is more slowly absorbed from the digestive system. This leads to a longer duration of action and lower potential for abuse. The lisdexamfetamine also has a milder effect on dopamine levels in the brain.

The body does not metabolize lisdexamfetamine into its active components very quickly, and it stays in the bloodstream for an hour or two after taking it. It is then cleaved by red blood cells to form free-floating dextroamphetamine and the amino acid, lysine. The lysine is used to build proteins in the body, and the active drug is then released back into the bloodstream to have its full effect.

This medication can cause a number of side effects, including stomach pain, headache, dizziness and difficulty sleeping. It can also increase blood pressure and heart rate. These side effects are not likely to be severe, but they should be reported to a doctor right away if they occur. People with high blood pressure should be monitored closely while taking this medication, and doctors may recommend a change in dosage or stopping it altogether.

Lisdexamfetamine can also interact with some other medications, including antidepressants and antibiotics. It can also raise the blood level of a type of blood fat called cholesterol. It is recommended that a person undergoing treatment with lisdexamfetamine not eat fatty or fried foods or drink alcohol.

A prescription is needed to buy Vyvanse, and the pharmacy will check for other medical conditions or allergies before filling it. A person should not take this medication if they are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have had a history of depression or suicidal thoughts. In addition, it is recommended that patients do not use psychiatric or psychotherapy services while taking this medication.

It is also important to inform a doctor of any other health problems or allergies, such as glaucoma or seizures. It is also important to tell a doctor about any other medications that a patient is taking, as well as herbal remedies or vitamins and supplements. It is not safe to consume more than the prescribed amount of this medication, and anyone who has a serious reaction to it should seek emergency medical attention immediately. They should also notify a doctor if they develop symptoms of depression or anxiety, such as changes in mood or thoughts of suicide. 30 mg vyvanse

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