Best Countries in the World for Expats

While some countries are more popular than others, all the top 20 Best countries in the world for expats offer something unique and appealing. From sunny beaches to mountaintop cities, these locations offer a variety of landscapes and lifestyles. Australia performs well across all categories but was especially ranked high for happiness and as one of the best places to live for work-life balance. In addition to its welcoming culture and great weather, the country offers visa opportunities for skilled workers in fields with a shortage of professionals.

Thailand is another popular destination for those looking to expand their professional horizons while enjoying an exotic locale. This year, the country climbed in overall happiness and also performed well for working conditions, cultural integration, and ease of finding friends. While some may struggle with the language barrier, the friendly people and a low cost of living help make up for these challenges.

Vietnam also scored well in several categories, with a notable improvement in the overall happiness index. This is largely due to the country’s affordability and the fact that most locals speak English, making it easy for newcomers to feel at home. The country’s natural beauty, large cities and the rich history of its past also help to draw in expats looking for a diverse and rewarding life abroad.

Switzerland is another high-ranked location, with good performance in the categories of happiness, work-life balance and quality of life. Its beautiful nature, mountains and lakes are ideal for those who love the outdoors, and it also offers some of the highest wages in Europe, making it an attractive option for families. It also ranks highly in the category of health and wellbeing, which is partly due to its excellent healthcare system.

Spain is a perennial favorite among expats, thanks to its warm climate, affordable living and the many activities on offer. It performs well in the Working Abroad and Quality of Life indexes, but struggles with political stability and scores lower than average for Leisure Options.

Panama is the third best place to live abroad, and earned top marks in the categories of cultural integration and ease of settling in. It also offers a good work-life balance and boasts an excellent personal finance score, with 80% of expats feeling satisfied with their financial situation in the country.

Bahrain, meanwhile, has risen significantly in the rankings from 2022, jumping 19 spots to ninth in the latest survey. It scored particularly well in the category of Expat Essentials, with a good rating for housing, digital access and language. In addition, it also has a strong economy, making it an attractive option for those seeking to improve their career prospects while living abroad. Read our full report to find out which other countries made the top 25. You can also compare the ratings of your favorite destinations with the help of our interactive map tool. Simply select your desired region, and see how each country ranks against the rest. Best countries in the world for expat

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