Blue Topaz Ring

There’s no doubt about it, a blue topaz ring is stunning. This gemstone is a popular option for engagement rings and other precious jewelry due to its affordability when compared to diamonds. Plus, some ladies simply prefer a blue gem for its beauty and soothing energy.

While a blue topaz ring is certainly gorgeous on its own, it pairs well with many precious metals and other gemstones as well. It is most commonly seen in conjunction with yellow gold or sterling silver. However, it also pairs well with iolite (a colorless variety of quartz), citrine and amethyst. In fact, it is often used to accent a diamond engagement ring, as is demonstrated by this exquisite ring by Joryel Vera featuring a cabochon and faceted blue topaz set in fine 14kt gold plated bezels.

A calming stone, topaz is believed to soothe emotions and boost strength and intellect. It’s a great choice for people who need to focus on work or home, but need help staying calm and centered. It’s also thought to promote honesty and clarity of feelings in romantic relationships and to foster loyalty in friendships. November babies love to wear blue topaz as it is said to support their ability to connect with their higher self.

All shades of topaz are known for helping with self-control. This is especially true for blue topaz, which is said to keep your thoughts from going into overdrive and preventing you from feeling overwhelmed. Instead, it repurposes those thoughts to positivity and reminds you that you’re worthy, wonderful and your voice deserves to be heard.

Another interesting note about blue topaz is its role in promoting psychic communication and helping to amplify gifts that you already possess. It’s a great companion for writers as it encourages them to express themselves honestly, even if they feel uncomfortable.

Like other precious gems, topaz must be carefully cared for. It’s important to avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaners, sudden temperature changes and contact with hairspray, perfume or household chemicals. To keep your blue topaz ring looking great, clean it with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

While there is a natural blue topaz found in nature, most of the blue topaz sold today has been heat-treated. This process is considered permanent and is required to bring out the vivid blue color you see in the market today.

If you’re shopping for a blue topaz ring, be sure to visit a trusted and reputable JA Member Jeweler. Our experts will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to suit your personal style, budget and needs. Helzberg also offers a beautiful selection of topaz necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are perfect for gifting to someone special or treating yourself.

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