Boiling and Chilled Water Tap

A Boiling and chilled water tap allows you to have instant access to boiling water for cooking, or filtered cold drinking water at the touch of a button. It can also save you a lot of space by eliminating the need for bulky water dispensers that fill up your fridge. It can also help you reduce plastic bottle use, which is better for the environment.

There are a number of different options when it comes to buying a boiling and chilled water tap. Some have a traditional design for those wanting to keep with their current kitchen decor while others offer modern instant hot water taps. Some are under bench systems, which take up minimal bench space while others are freestanding units that can be placed anywhere on your kitchen or tea point area.

The most common feature is the ability to turn on and off the boiler and dispense boiling or filtered water. These taps are designed to be easy to use and can be operated by either a lever or a push button, with some even being child safety approved. Most taps have a small LED light ring above the control which glows red when it is on boiling water mode and blue for filtered cold water (or sparkling water with the optional Qettle add-on).

If you choose a boiling and chilled water tap that has a built in energy efficient boiler then it will be rated A for energy efficiency. It takes very little power to keep the water at a perfect 100 degrees Celsius and will also have a timer system that automatically switches off after a preset amount of hours, which helps to minimise energy consumption.

Many of the boiling and chilled water taps in our range come with a built-in filter which removes impurities to ensure the freshest and best tasting water. A filter can also help to extend the life of your tap by reducing the amount of scale and build up inside the water heater and boiler, which is one of the main causes of blockages.

A filtered boiling and chilled water tap is a great addition to any kitchen or office. Not only does it provide convenience and a sleek modern look but it can also save you money by cutting down on the need to buy water bottles, helping to reduce your plastic waste. Plus, it can make it much easier to stay hydrated and improve your health by replacing sugary sodas and caffeinated drinks with healthier options. Boiling and chilled water tap

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