Boost Your RV’s Cooling Efficiency With Energy-Efficient RV Cooling Units

If you’re like most RV owners, your comfort is important. However, keeping the RV cool can be a challenge due to limited space and limited airflow. Fortunately, you can boost your RV’s cooling power and efficiency by upgrading to an energy-efficient air conditioner with the latest features.

The new single-zone Boreal BRISA mini split system offers superior cooling in an easy-to-install package. This highly efficient system uses a compact outdoor unit and sleek indoor air handling units that are both designed with space efficiency in mind. Unlike traditional HVAC systems that use ducting, mini splits eliminate the need for bulky ductwork that takes up valuable storage and living space. Plus, the indoor units can be mounted on walls and recessed into ceilings to minimize visible disruption in your RV.

RV air conditioners are some of the biggest power hogs in your RV, pulling up to 18 amps—more than double that of your refrigerator. But you can drastically reduce your power usage by replacing your RV’s roof-mounted air conditioner with a portable evaporative cooler.

A portable evaporative cooler works by drawing hot air from the RV’s interior and then slowly recirculating it to drop the temperature in small increments. It’s the same principle used in your fridge. In addition to reducing your RV’s electrical consumption, an evaporative cooler is more environmentally friendly than an RV air conditioner.

Many RVers assume that their RV’s centralized air conditioning can instantly and completely cool a space. But Steve and Dave explain that limiting sun exposure can help improve your RV’s baseline temperature and expedite the cooling process. rv cooling units

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