Buying a New RV Refrigerator

A good rv refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any RVer. It keeps your food cold or frozen while you’re stationary and on the move, allowing you to make trips without having to constantly run out to the grocery store. However, like any other appliance in your RV, you’ll need to run it periodically to check for potential problems and clogs.

Standard RV fridges cool your food by using a refrigerant that’s first pressurized before it goes through a set of fins to get cooled. Once it reaches its desired temperature, the refrigerant returns to its liquid form and goes through the process again, cooling the food inside your RV fridge.

Some RV fridges can be powered by both propane gas and electricity, while others require either one or the other. Three-way fridges are a great option because they allow you to choose between the two power sources depending on your needs.

A slide-out fridge is another good option, especially if you’re limited in space in your RV. This style of fridge offers access from the top instead of having to swing a door open, and it rests on roller bearing slides for easy movement when opening or closing. It’s also secure with a keyed lock that can be activated when you’re driving to keep your food safe from prying hands.

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