Concrete Tank Repairs

Concrete water tanks offer cost-effective long-term storage in rural and eco-sensitive locations. While they are very durable, they can crack and leak over time due to soil movement or weather changes. These leaks drain the tank’s contents and can cause bacteria to contaminate the drinking water. This can require securing expert tank leak repair services as soon as possible to protect your water and property.

Concrete tank lining is an effective solution for preventing and repairing these issues. Liquid-applied liners are made from composite polymer materials that provide corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, and durability. They can also be installed quickly so that storage tank downtime is minimized.

Structural cracks in a concrete water tank may be caused by soil shifting beneath the tank or by freeze-thaw cycles expanding and contracting the concrete during extreme weather conditions. These structural cracks can cause the tank to leak, wasting precious water and possibly causing bacterial contamination in the drinking water. These cracks can be repaired with epoxy liquid injection, surface-applied carbon-fiber composites, or pinning and stitching.

In the case of a concrete water tank with visible cracks, the tank should be completely drained and cleaned thoroughly. Then, the cracks can be repaired with a cement patch created using hydraulic cement. The patch should be mixed with equal parts of water to a dirt-like consistency and rolled into a ball without leaving cement residue on your hands. It is important to ensure that the cracks are fully filled in and smoothed over to prevent further water loss from the crack. The patch should then be allowed to dry for the recommended length of time before refilling the tank. concrete tank repairs

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