Creative Solutions in Healthcare Locations

Creative Solutions in Healthcare recently rang in 2023 by acquiring eight more skilled nursing facilities, and it has no plans to slow down as the year progresses. The Texas-based operator places a strong emphasis on cleanliness, quality meals and excellent nursing services and attributes much of its success to being resident-centered and prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of residents above all else.

While growth is exciting, the rapid pace can create a host of challenges. “It’s hard to maintain your culture and culture as you grow,” Blake told Skilled Nursing News. He emphasized the importance of hiring top talent and investing in training to ensure that new hires are ready for what they will face as the operator grows.

Moody and Lee both agreed that integrating systems can be one of the most challenging aspects of growing an organization rapidly, especially in a state as large as Texas. At PACS, Lee noted that it is implementing a single care plan library in each facility, which will save time and money.

A large part of creative solutions in healthcare locations involves building relationships with local hospitals and medical schools, which can help a company build a strong workforce and stay up-to-date on the latest medical research and treatment. For example, Creative Solutions in Healthcare works with UT Southwestern to train its nurses. It also works closely with local universities to recruit new nursing students. In addition, the company offers profit-sharing to its administrators, which gives them “ownership-like opportunities” and helps to keep staff engaged. creative solutions in healthcare locations

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