Culture And History Are Part Of Your Holidays To Luxor

The museums of Luxor will be a part of your holidays to Luxor. The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art is a great place to take the family or just visit yourself. There is so much to see and some of the creations are spectacular. The museum is right down the road from the Temple of Luxor. That could be your next attraction to see. You can plan your vacation to see the west and east sides of Luxor. If you are looking for tombs and ancient ruins, the capital Thebes will be a good place to see.

If you are looking for a modern Luxor, the east side is where you will want to be. In this area is where you will find most of the restaurants, shops and the museums. Bus and train stations are also on the east side. The tourist part of Luxor is on the west side. You can stay on the east side and travel daily to the west side, but today, more hotels are being built on the west side allowing people to stay there instead of traveling. Cheap holidays to Luxor will allow you stay on either side. This is making the west side more popular than the east side.

There are some fascinating ways to get around Luxor such as bicycles, taxis, horse and carriage or on foot. You can take a boat from the east side to the west side for convenience. If you are adventurous, try a walk across the desert to the Valley of the Kings from the Valley of the Queens. It is amazing walk and gives you some insight into the earlier customs and culture that was once practiced in Luxor. Holidays to Luxor are always exciting when you do things like this. Another great idea is taking a bike ride to the Ancient Thebes.

In Luxor, it is illegal for alcoholic beverages to be sold or consumed. Many hotels that are not run by Muslims do have alcohol for sale and to drink. One thing you might want to avoid is the red wine. It is an acquired taste and not everyone can tolerate it. If you do find a shop to sell you some alcohol, you must keep it out of sight when you are in the public eye. It is not allowed to be seen as well.

If you are on the east side for your holidays to Luxor, you can eat at a McDonalds, Jamboree and the El Kebabgy. If you are on the west side, you will find Tutankhamun a great place to eat. You will find some interesting places to have a drink on the west side, but as for the east side, it will be more difficult. Everyone will learn some history and culture experiences when visiting Luxor. There are so many more historical sites to see as well as ancient ruins. You will want to spend about a week in Luxor to see everything there is to see. wine tours in willamette valley

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