Custom Grip Socks

Grip socks are flourishing in the sports market after almost every professional football player in the world started wearing them. They allow your feet to lock in your shoes/trainers and avoid minor injuries/abrasions that can cause discomfort and slow you down.

Designed with specialised features to boost your grip and help you control the ball and movement. They promise an improved playing experience and a second’s edge that can be the difference between crushing defeat or thrilling victory.

It’s no secret that your feet can get quite sweaty during a game, especially in pre-season and hot weather. The combination of your sweaty feet and rubbing against the inside of your shoes is often the cause of blisters. This can be incredibly painful and seriously hamper your performance. Grip socks prevent this slipping and friction by increasing contact between sock and shoe.

Our grip socks are made of premium quality breathable material that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. They are also thicker than regular threadbare socks and have rubber pads to reduce friction between your foot and the sole of your shoe.

We own our own manufacturing plant to ensure that we can produce your custom grip socks quickly and efficiently. We can make any design imaginable and provide you with samples for your approval before production starts. We can even include a tag for your venue or brand. This allows you to promote your brand whilst offering a great revenue stream for your trampoline park, soft play, inflatable parks or sports centres. custom grip socks

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