Custom Grip Socks

Often used in sports such as football, hockey and rugby, grip socks are made with specialised features that enhance traction to help improve ball and movement control. They prevent internal slipping in the shoe which can rob players of that second’s fraction of edge that can make all the difference on the pitch.

Grip socks are made of premium quality, breathable material that is comfortable and protects the feet. They also help reduce the amount of rubbing of the skin against the boot. Combining this with the increased traction offered by the grip socks means that blisters are significantly reduced for players.

These breathable, sweat-wicking socks are machine washable and come in all genders in sizes S to L. They are also moderately priced with a large selection of colors and styles to choose from. The 87 percent organic cotton fabric is soft and stretchy with a little added elastane for extra support. The arrow-shaped silicone grippy pads are placed not only on the soles but in strategic areas on the heel and the inner foot to reduce movement inside the shoes during lateral and vertical movements.

They are popular with those participating in yoga, barre and Pilates classes as the non-slip action on the soles helps to improve balance. They can also be worn by footballers in place of regular socks during practice to reduce rubbing against the boots and prevent blistering. Grip socks are often used as part of the team kit by players in training and on game day. custom grip socks

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