Custom Pilates Socks

Pilates exercises are centered around stability, so grip socks are essential for a safe and secure workout session. Custom grip socks make great workout gear for branded studios, as they can promote the brand while offering extra traction and support. In addition to the grip layer, many of these socks have moisture-wicking and arch support to keep feet comfortable and cool throughout the session.

Grip socks are primarily used for studio fitness classes like yoga, pilates and barre, where hygiene is key but standard socks slip and slide. These socks provide traction, helping users hold poses longer and move between movements with ease. They also help reduce injuries and accidents by adding stability to slippery surfaces.

These non-slip socks are designed with a grip material on the sole and an elasticized top to stay in place while wearing. They are made of a soft Supima cotton-polyester blend with elastane and feature earthy colors and whimsical designs that stand out from more basic Pilates and barre socks. They are lightweight, breathable and machine washable, making them the perfect sweat-wicking sock for Pilates or other studio workouts.

These socks are available in women’s small and medium (US 6.5 to 10 shoe size) with a compression fit that supports the foot arch and leg muscles. They are thicker and less form-fitting than other non-slip socks and may feel too bulky for some people. They are priced moderately at $16 per pair and come in styles with a variety of patterns, including colorful stripes, tie-dyes, happy clouds and more. They are a good choice for people who like the feeling of being barefoot but need the security of grip socks to keep their balance and confidence while exercising. custom pilates socks

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