Diamond Painting Accessories

While the standard tools that come with every diamond painting zubehör kit are more than enough to get you started, there are a few additional accessories that can make your crafting experience even better. Some of these include a light pad, an extra premium diamond applicator tool and tweezers. Just like having an extra roll of tape or pair of scissors is always useful during gift wrapping marathons, having these accessories on hand can help you tackle even bigger projects with more ease and comfort.

Diamond painting, also known as a 5D embroidery, is an addictive craft that involves putting tiny, color-coded beads or “drills” on an adhesive canvas to create a beautiful work of art. Unlike other types of embroidery, the teeny-weeny drills are not sewn on, but rather attached to an adhesive pad with a pen-like stylus. The kit includes a canvas, coded with DMC symbols that correspond to individual bags of color-coded drills, and the entire project is protected by a plastic film. Many companies offer a variety of different sizes, themes and colors of canvas and diamonds to suit the tastes of most any artist.

Most kits include a standard diamond applicator tool with a comfort grip. However, experienced painters may wish to upgrade to a dual-sided premium diamond painting pen with a removable wax cone tip and a jazzy diamond-lined interior. These pens are easier to use and provide a more comfortable grip when working on larger projects.

A dimmable light pad is a must-have for any diamond painter. It can minimize eye strain while providing the perfect amount of lighting to help you see the small, color-coded dots clearly. The best light pads are also angled and adjustable, sparing you from having to work hunched over, which can lead to bad neck pain.

Depending on the type of diamond painting you’re working on, it may be helpful to have some extra tweezers. While the standard applicator tool picks up the teeny weeny drills with just enough stickiness, more experienced crafters may find that tweezers are more effective at reducing the slight gaps that sometimes appear between adjacent drilled areas.

Another great accessory to have on hand is a roller press, which can be used to gently roll over your work after each application of diamonds to further secure them in place. This will not only ensure your work looks polished, but it will also reduce the chances of creases in your finished piece.

If you’re looking for a fun new hobby to enjoy solo or with friends, give diamond painting a try! It’s easy to learn and fun to do, making it an ideal craft for anyone of any age or skill level. Plus, when you’re done, you can display your creation proudly! Just be sure to follow the care instructions included with your specific design to keep it in top condition.

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