Explosion Proof Stainless 3-Way Ball Valves

Explosion Proof Stainless 3-Way Ball Valves
An explosion proof, stainless steel, 2-way, full port valve is used to control water, air and oil (or any media compatible with the materials of construction). The valve features a durable PTFE seat and stem. The handle is manually operated to open or close the valve. The valve opens when the handle is turned clockwise and stops when it is turned counterclockwise.

The dual certified fire safe and low emission investment cast 2 piece 150# flanged stainless steel ball valve mounts between standard ANSI 125 or 150 pound pipe flanges. The valve is power to open and power to close and stays in last known position with loss of power. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal, the electric actuator runs and via a self-locking gear drive rotates the ball one quarter turn. On receipt of a reversing continuous signal, the motor turns in the opposite direction reversing the valve position.

This 316L stainless steel motorized electric actuated three-way valve offers many useful features at an affordable price. It includes a manual override, visual and electrical valve position indication, a cast body, a stainless steel ball and stem and a pneumatic or electric actuator.

NIBCO(r) and Webstone(r) ball valves are available in a wide range of trim material and one-piece, two-piece or three-piece bodies. Several end connections are available including press-to-connect, threaded, solder and flanged. All wetted surfaces of the valve contacting the fluid are lead free to comply with low lead installation requirements. Explosion Proof Stainless 3-Way Ball Valves

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