Fenben For Cancer

Fenben for cancer (also known as the Joe Tippens protocol) is a natural cure that has gained popularity on social media due to anecdotal claims that the over-the-counter dog deworming medication fenben effectively treats human cancer. It interferes with the glucose intake of cancer cells, starving them of the fuel they need to grow and multiply. It has also been shown to kill cancerous cells and promote regression in cancer patients in laboratory settings.

It is safe and has no side effects when taken as prescribed. It is commonly used as an antiparasitic for gastrointestinal parasites including pinworms, giardia, roundworms, hookworms, and Taenia solium. Moreover, fenbendazole and other members of the benzimidazole family have been safely utilized as antiparasitics for various different animal species. In addition, fenbendazole was found to act against cancerous cells in animal studies as well.

A recent clinical trial was conducted in which mice with established human lymphoma xenografts were fed a sterilized diet containing fenbendazole, vitamins, or both fenbendazole and vitamins. Tumor growth was significantly inhibited in mice treated with fenbendazole and vitamins compared to controls.

A focus group interview was performed to examine how lung cancer patients acquire general and fenbendazole information, the quality of the obtained information, and their perception and attitude toward it. Twenty-one participants, ranging in age from 56 to 75 years were interviewed. fenben for cancer

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