Five Skills You Must Have to Be a Skill Seller

A skill seller is someone who can help buyers navigate the changing landscape of sales. Whether it’s selling an app that makes a phone call better or a product that changes the future of commerce, sellers must have the right skills to be successful. Sales skills, once viewed as the province of door to door insurance salespeople and disreputable used car salesmen, are now instrumental expertise that helps businesses compete more effectively.

In a recent article, Amy O’Brien identified five core sales skills that are crucial to success in the new sales world. Whether you’re looking to build these skills in yourself or your team, it’s important to understand how to hone them properly so they stick and are sustainable long after the training has ended.

Knowledge & Product Knowledge
One of the biggest gaps between Elite Performers and The Rest is in prospecting and filling the pipeline. That’s why it’s so important for sales teams to have a process that helps them hone skills in this area and manage opportunities efficiently.

Business Acumen
In a sales world where customers are demanding more from their sales reps, a high business IQ is increasingly important. It’s no longer enough to have a feature-benefit-price conversation with your customers – they want real insight into how you can help them solve their unique challenges. To get that, you must study their industry and their business to have more meaningful conversations with them. skill seller

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