How to Build the Best Resume

Your resume is your most powerful tool for getting an interview—and landing the job. But what sets a great resume apart from an “OK” one? It’s all in the details. And while it may seem tempting to include every place you’ve ever worked, a hiring manager will only be interested in your work experience that is relevant to the position for which you are applying. This might mean rearranging your work history or using a functional resume format.

When listing your work experiences, start with the company name, then your job title and the dates of your employment. Follow with a bulleted list of your responsibilities and achievements, making sure to use action verbs (like “handled,” “managed,” “developed” or “achieved”) whenever possible. These verbs add energy and clarity to your list and show how you’re more than just an employee—you’re an achiever.

Finally, don’t forget to mention any additional qualifications you have in your education section. This can include your foreign language skills, any certifications you have, or relevant coursework from the graduate school you attended. Including these sections gives your resume extra credibility and can be the difference between a rejection letter and an invitation to an interview.

It’s also important to keep your resume updated on a regular basis. As you take on new responsibilities or learn new skills, update your resume to reflect this. This will help ensure your application stays top of mind for employers. how to build the best resume

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