How to Generate YouTube Traffic

You have completed and uploaded your new video creation to YouTube and now you are looking to generate traffic to it. Depending on what your video content is about and who you are, there can be either a relatively easy task or a difficult one. If you have already established a significant presence with many subscribers on YouTube, your task is made easier. Also, if your video is of the sort that is current, relevant, funny and entertaining, it also has a better chance of being found, shared and viewed by more and more people organically over time.

Whether or not your creation lends itself to easy growth or not, you have two basic approaches of promoting it gain views: Paying for the traffic and organically promoting it. If there is money to be made from it, or if you are willing to spend money to get it viewed, your best paid traffic options would include:

  • Promoting it on YouTube itself. This is easily done and it is a great low-cost way to promote views of your video as it will cost you only around 2-3 cents a click to get it viewed. To advertise this way, just go to your YouTube Creator Studio and under either your Dashboard option or your Video Manager – Videos option, click on the down arrow next to your published video and when the Drop List appears, select the “Promote” option then follow the instructions to begin your YouTube promotion campaign.
  • Your next method for paid traffic promotion would be Facebook. To do this, you would first need to ensure that you have setup a Business Page on your Facebook account. Then, go to the “Play Mode” for your video on YouTube and when the video appears, you will see a “Share” button below it. Click on that and then hit the “Facebook” icon. When the dialogue box appears, it will first suggest to you to Share it to your own timeline. Use the down arrow to select your business page instead and share it to that page with whatever comment you wish to make about your video. Facebook has a rule about marketing videos from a personal page, so be sure to remember to promote from your business page instead or you may run afoul of the Facebook regulations. Next, login to Facebook and go to your Business Page and you should see your new video there. Click on the “Boost Post” button next to it and then follow the instructions to create a targeted campaign to promote your new video.

There are also a myriad of strategies you can employ to organically obtain views for your video. Below I list some of my favorite strategies the first several of which start with using the “Share” button that appears below the video when it is in View mode on YouTube.

  • Under the “Share” button on YouTube, you will first see the location URL for your video highlighted. Copy this URL location code and then you can use it to link this location to e-mails you send out via your auto-responder, to share this with your friends at various locations like Blog sites, forums, Instagram, guest posts on articles, in your comments made on other YouTube videos you watch, etc.
  • Share it on Pinterest. Pinterest has recently upgraded to now allow for the embedded playing of videos from within “Pinterest” boards you have setup – both your own Boards and community Boards will work for this. As people play your videos, they are actually watching them via YouTube so all your annotations and cards tied to your videos will appear just as if you were on the YouTube site.
  • Share it to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – wherever you happen to have an account.
  • If you have a Buffer, Hootsuite or similar account, share through these platforms as well.
  • Directly e-mail it to friends and ask them to share it if you are comfortable doing this.
  • Embed your video to be viewed via your website.
  • Include access to this video from your blog sites by embedding it in a blog post – Vlogging is growing in use and this is a great way to improve the popularity of your blogging content and get your videos viewed by more people.
  • Reference your video in any written content you create such as online articles, any books you have written, etc.
  • One step I have now taken is to build a mobile website with a menu page for my YouTube video playlists. Now if people are on the move and want to watch one or more of my videos, all they need to do is to go to this mobile menu and they have over 70 videos they can watch via several available playlists that are viewable there. The nice part about this strategy is that all I have to do is upload my video to YouTube and it is automatically added to the Mobile playlist available through my website – I don’t have to do any additional work at all to get it viewable.
  • I briefly mentioned guest posting your video link above but want to re-inforce that thought with a build on strategy. Work to build relationships on YouTube with other content creators then where you can, encourage those you have built relationships with to add your video to their playlists as well. This usually involves some form of reciprocity where you would need to also be offering to add their videos to your playlists. But this is actually a win-win for both of you. If it gets more people to your collective channels, you will both benefit from the additional views.

Employing the above strategies will help you get your content viewed on YouTube. Remember that the more you promote, the more you will succeed. buying youtube likes

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