How to Make Beautiful Paper Quilling Jewelry

Whether it’s a simple bracelet or a fancy statement necklace, you can create dazzling and unique jewelry from paper with this technique called quilling. Featuring coiled shapes and gilded edges, these pieces are often used to mimic more expensive metals. This beautiful and delicate craft can be intimidating at first, but Ann Martin’s new book, Creative Paper Quilling: Wall Art, Jewelry, Cards & More shows you just how easy it is to make gorgeous quilled jewelry.

To make these earrings, you’ll need a paper quilling tool and some colored paper strips. For a start, choose the color for the center of your flower, then select two more colors for the petals and five eye-shaped coils for the flower’s base. Use your tool to quill a strip of the second paper color, then carefully take it out and allow it to loosen up a bit. Take one of the resulting eye-shaped coils and pinch it to create a pointy edge. Repeat the process to create six more of these shapes.

Glue the eye-shaped coils to the base of your flower, then glue each of the other colored paper shapes onto the base to connect them. Finally, add the five remaining eye-shaped coils from your third color. To finish your earring set, apply a few light even coats of Krylon Low Odor Clear Coat to the entire piece. Leave to dry before wearing your new earrings! These are also great for gifting. They’re made from eco-friendly quilling papers and attached to hypoallergenic hooks. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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