How to Use Pickup Lines to Get a Woman’s Attention

When you’re trying to flirt with someone, the first words out of your mouth can make or break your chances of getting their attention. And while pickup lines can be fun, they can also be intimidating if you’re not sure how to use them correctly.

The key to successfully using a pick up line is mindset. Women can feel the energy you’re bringing to the interaction and it’s just as important to showcase positive vibes as it is to deliver your line with confidence. When used correctly, a pick up line can be an awesome icebreaker that leads to a genuine conversation about something you both enjoy.

In the beginning of any interaction, you want to convey a strong sense of confidence and aliveness. If you enter the conversation from a calm and confident place, she’ll be more likely to respond positively to your lines and take the lead in the conversation. However, if you’re nervous or anxious about how she might react to your pick up line, she’ll probably be more closed off to it and will either ignore or reject it.

In order to be prepared for the worst, it’s best to have a few good and bad pick up lines ready to go. But don’t worry if your favorite line isn’t a big hit, you can still have success with a simple line like “Can I buy you a drink?”. Just remember to keep your vibe and energy high and have fun! best pick up lines

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