How your construction company can help customers combat rising energy costs

The UK’s energy prices increased rapidly last year, and energy bills could rise again when the current price cap expires in April. Experts have predicted that the price cap may increase by more than 50%. There is, however, some good news for the construction industry, as insulation may be the solution homeowners need this winter. Good insulation can make a big difference, and in fact, it can cut your customers’ energy bills by £500 a year. As a construction company, you can provide good insulation to help customers cut costs and stay warm this winter. 

Insulation 101

Your customers need to understand how insulation works to understand its value and how it can benefit them now and in the future. Insulation is the process of covering areas in a home to stop heat from escaping or entering a house, and this keeps warm air in and cold air out. Without insulation, heaters have to use more energy to keep a room warm, increasing energy bills unnecessarily. When insulation is installed, you don’t need as much heat to keep a room warm, making it an energy-efficient solution. 

Key areas to focus on

There are various options available for insulation, but some are more efficient than others. To help customers reduce their energy bills, focus on providing insulation services for areas where heat commonly escapes in homes.

Wall insulation

Without wall insulation, homes can lose around 35% of heat through walls. Solid or cavity wall insulation can be used to stop heat from escaping. Cavity wall insulation is relatively cheap, and most homes in the UK have cavity walls nowadays. Homes with solid walls can have insulation installed inside or outside the property, saving homeowners up to £375 a year. 

Double glazing

Double glazing traps heat in the home by creating an air gap with two panes of glass to slow down the heat transfer between the house and the outside environment. There’s no need to keep the central heating on for long periods as the heat loss is reduced by up to 50%. There are also fewer cold spots and draughts when double glazing is installed, so less heat is needed to warm up the house.

Roof and loft insulation 

A home can lose up to 25% of its heat through the roof if it’s not well insulated. With professional roof and loft insulation, it’s easy to stop this from happening. The insulation keeps the house warm by redirecting the heat that would escape through the roof back into the home. While customers may be hesitant to invest in this type of insulation as it’s expensive, it’s an invaluable investment as it can last for up to 40 years.  boat insulation

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