In Store Marketing Strategies For Retail Brands

A retail brand’s in store marketing is the collection of strategies used to cultivate product engagement from shelf edge all the way to the checkout. From 3D product displays to sensory elements like scent, music, free Wi-Fi and even robots – in store marketing has the power to boost your brand, increase customer engagement, build product trust and improve overall sales.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new line of products or simply increase your market share in your existing shops, beefing up your product presentation with engaging shelf-side merchandising and consistent planogram compliance is one of the best ways to establish yourself in stores. With new products and varying brands constantly being released, a business that lacks a comprehensive and effective in store marketing strategy will struggle to attract customers and hold on to their business.

In-store marketing traditionally consisted of flashy product displays, special promotions in the aisle and attention-grabbing packaging – and all of these tactics still have an impact on consumer buying decisions. But as the shopper journey has evolved and consumers move from planned to opportunistic shopping, businesses need to do more than just tempt shoppers with shiny product displays to keep them in store.

The shopper experience is now all about connecting with the brand and sharing their own story through social media. Encourage loyalty by linking your POS system or point of sale to a customer database and program the software to send targeted email campaigns based on shopper history (e.g. a discount for returning shoppers who have bought printer ink or an offer to buy an annual bundle of complementary services).

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