Is Your Child Watching a YouTube Live Stream?

Streaming technology allows people to broadcast what they’re doing in real time, like live TV. It’s popular with children and young people who may watch or create videos using apps such as Facebook Live, TikTok, Instagram Live Stories, House Party and Twitch TV (often used by gamers).

Viewers can comment and interact with the streamer, either via messages that appear on the screen, or by sending virtual gifts, such as coins, to the streamer. Some live streams are private and only accessible to those who have been invited, whereas others are public and can be watched by hundreds or even thousands of viewers.

Live streaming is appealing to many children and young people because it can give them a sense of connection with other people. It can also boost their self-esteem when they receive positive feedback from people watching their live stream, or from influencers or celebrities that they follow.

However, there are concerns about some of the content that can be seen on live streams and about how personal information can be shared. It’s important to talk with your child about the benefits and risks of using live streaming and to support them to use tools, such as privacy settings, to keep safe. It’s also helpful to remind them that they can always speak to you or someone else they trust if they are worried about things they’ve seen online. buy youtube live stream viewers

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