Magnetic Signs For Trucks

Magnetic signs for trucks are one of the most effective forms of vehicle advertising. Whether it’s for business, personal, or charitable use, they transform vehicles into rolling billboards that reach a diverse audience. They are easily removable, making it simple to change your branding or promotion campaigns as needed without damaging the vehicle’s paint job. They’re also extremely durable, allowing them to stand up to the elements and frequent washes without fading or peeling.

Magnetic signage is made of high-quality 30 mil magnetic sheeting that stands up to the elements and daily wear and tear. They’re easy to remove and reposition as necessary, and they leave no discernible trace when removed from steel surfaces.

They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate almost any truck or van. The larger surface area of a truck door provides the perfect platform for magnetic signs, giving your brand maximum visibility. When parked at a customer’s location or out on the road, passersby and potential customers will be exposed to your advertising message.

When used properly, magnetic signs will remain in excellent condition and provide on-the-go marketing to a huge audience. Ensure that your clients understand how to use them correctly by providing them with a handy instruction sheet. Before applying a magnetic sign to any surface, it should be laid flat and thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any curved memory in the material. Also, be sure to round the corners of the magnet to reduce aerodynamic drag and prevent it from tearing during highway speeds.

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