Managed It Security Services

As your business grows, it is important to ensure that the information you hold most valuable—including customer data and intellectual property—is safe from invasive threats. Keeping up with your cybersecurity needs can be challenging for a busy team, so many businesses turn to managed it security services for help.

Managed it security services are provided by third-party service providers that specialize in IT security solutions and support. These providers, often referred to as managed security service providers (MSSPs), offer outsourced monitoring and management of your network’s security devices, systems, and infrastructure, helping you avoid costly cyber attacks and data breaches.

MSSPs often establish their own high-availability security operations centers to provide 24/7 service, which can help reduce the number of operational security personnel an enterprise must hire, train and retain to maintain a secure environment. They also have the capability to handle critical security processes, such as vulnerability and penetration testing, network management, and security reporting.

Some vendors provide a hybrid model of co-managed IT services and pure-play MSSP offerings, managing multiple products through their own platforms. This provides an in-depth understanding of the organization’s IT environments and a wide range of tools, expertise, and perspectives to address their unique security needs.

Another benefit of managed it security services is the ability to avoid false positives. Security professionals daily deal with a multitude of cybersecurity warnings that are often useless or require additional information to respond to, which can lead to missed real threats. An MSSP will filter out these false alerts so that your staff can focus on the threats that matter most to your organization.

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