Matter Residences – The Future of Smart Homes

Matter residences is situated within a short walk to the neighborhood grocery stores like NTUC Fairprice, 80 Circuit Road market & food centre and Sims Vista Market & Food Centre. It is also close to schools such as Canossa Catholic Primary School, Geylang Methodist School and MacPherson Primary School. It is also accessible via major roads such as Aljunied Road, MacPherson Road and Kallang Road.

Essentially, Matter is an interoperability protocol that works over your existing home Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to make your smart plugs and locks talk to each other. The protocol also promises to be much less reliant on the cloud than most smart-home ecosystems, meaning it should have better reliability and security.

Most companies that have already committed to support Matter will upgrade their existing devices to the new tech through a software update. For example, Signify’s Hue products will be able to join the Matter party by connecting them to a hub that is Matter certified. Some companies will also add a Matter bridge to their device, such as Yale’s smart locks or Eve’s smart bulbs.

The final spec for Matter was just announced this week, and a few of the major players in the smart-home space have been rolling out products that work with it. The most notable additions so far are Google’s Nest Wifi and Nest Hub Max; the HomePod Mini, 1st- and 2nd-gen Apple TV and Apple TV 4K; and Samsung SmartThings hubs and speakers — including some refrigerators and TVs. All of these devices will act as a Matter controller and manage communications, automations and remote access to your home. matter residences

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