Qnet Singapore and its operations.

Questnet, also called Qnet is a multi-level marketing company started in 1998, which has its origin in Hong Kong. It has its branches all over the globe with its initial operations being started in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The company has been basically started with a motive to provide business opportunity for the individuals by involving them into direct sales operations, thereby promoting the company’s business operations also. Qnet Singapore had been started in 1999 itself, in order to promote its sales operations in Singapore and the other South West Asian Countries.

Questnet adapts the latest techniques involved in marketing including ecommerce so as to establish its business operations world-wide. The company markets several range of products including health products, energy products, jewellery, travel packages, and other lifestyle oriented products. Its brand products are promoted through the direct representatives who receive their commission based on their marketing capabilities.

Qnehas been established in Singapore with a motive to promote business in Singapore because of the reason that Singapore is a business oriented city with lot of growth potential. Since the company was established in Singapore, the company has been growing along with the business and other growth in the developing country. Singapore has always been a very accommodative place for any business due to the growing international market in the country. Qnet Singapore has been mainly dealing with the travel and other nutrition, wellness and energy products. With the growing demand, their Singapore office acts as a coordination point to cater to the arising demands and takes care of the entire administrative aspects involved in the product selling.

Qnet Singapore is one of the important members of the direct selling association of Singapore. Due to this membership, the company is able to gain the trust of the Singaporean market, and is able to take the products of lifestyle, health, nutrition, energy products, etc. to the Singaporean and other south west Asian market easily.  This has given way for business and survival for many people and has also given a platform for the individual to introduce the company products directly to the public. In spite of this membership, the company is also associated with the Health Supplement Industry Association of Singapore, which has made it possible for the company to move forward to a position of gaining a lot of trust and confidence among the public. This has given lot of profit to the company as well as the individuals joining the company as representatives.

Above all, Qnet Singapore has been hand in hand in helping the mankind through their movement called RHYTHM which is nothing but ‘rise yourself to help mankind’. Through this movement they help the needy people during the calamities, disasters and other requirements. Though there are lot of complaints regarding the direct selling pyramid concept or MLM structure of the company, lot of people involve themselves into its marketing for their smooth survival. People who were involved into this business initially in Singapore earned a lot of profit with the growing demand of their products. how to register a business in Singapore

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