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Real estate photography requires a good camera and a few other essential accessories. Eli recommends inexpensive cameras, lenses and a few other items that can help photographers get started without breaking the bank.

It’s also a good idea to attend networking events. This will allow you to meet potential clients and make connections.


A professional real estate photographer will have a portfolio that showcases the types of properties they’ve worked on. These images can help you determine whether their work is aesthetically pleasing and fits your style. They should also include details of their services and pricing. A seasoned photographer will charge more than someone just starting out, but they’ll have the experience and track record to back it up.

The amount of time that real estate photographers spend post-production is a huge factor in their prices. This can take up to a few hours, and it can cause delays in the turnaround of photos for real estate agents. In addition, some photographers may have to travel to a property, which will add to the overall cost of the session.

There are many ways to find a real estate photographer, including online reviews and recommendations from colleagues. You can also use Google Search to find photographers in your area. The organic listings will be free of advertisements and are usually more reliable than paid ads.

If you’re interested in becoming a real estate photographer, try joining social media groups to meet potential clients. These groups will allow you to interact with other real estate professionals and ask questions. You can also use these groups to network with other photographers and learn from their experiences.


A good real estate photographer should have a portfolio website to showcase their work. This allows them to impress clients, realtors and potential buyers. It is also a great way to get more photography clients and boost their business. In addition, a well-designed website can help a business build brand awareness and increase conversions.

A real estate photography portfolio should include photos of both exterior and interior spaces. It is important to highlight unique features and amenities, such as outdoor seating or a fireplace. The photos should also be taken at a time of day that will show off the best features of the home or property. For example, shooting a house at sunset can create a dramatic and beautiful photo.

Real estate photographers should have a range of equipment, including a tripod and flash. They should also have a variety of lenses and filters. They should also be familiar with Photoshop and other image-editing software. They should be able to edit photos quickly and accurately. It is also important to keep in mind that real estate photography requires a lot of post-processing.

Many photographers start their careers as a side hustle and eventually decide to make it their full-time job. One of the advantages of this career is that it provides a steady income and it can be done year-round. It is also a good way to diversify one’s income and provide a buffer against financial challenges.


Real estate photographers need a variety of equipment to get the job done. The basics include a camera, tripod, and lens. They also need a good camera bag that is sturdy and fits their gear. Some real estate photographers also use light modifiers and other accessories such as bounce flashes. They also need to carry a few different battery packs for their cameras.

For a high-quality result, real estate photographers need a sturdy tripod to hold the camera steady. The best tripod brands offer a range of models that are ideal for real estate photography. A tripod is especially useful in dimly lit rooms, where the shutter speed can be measured in seconds. It is also useful for taking multiple exposures that can be blended in post-production to highlight details in both shadows and highlights.

Some real estate photographers may also use a polarizing filter to reduce reflections and glare from windows or doors. They also need a wide-angle lens to capture the whole property. Filters are also useful for creating more dramatic photos by allowing the photographer to use a longer shutter speed or smaller aperture.

Other equipment that a real estate photographer might use includes a drone for aerial shots of properties and a 3D tour to show off the home from all angles. These services are usually offered as add-ons and can increase the price of a shoot.


When real estate photographers create pricing structures, they should consider their expenses. This includes things like taxes, website hosting, and management costs. If these expenses outweigh the income, they will not be able to continue operating their business. It is also important to calculate the amount of time it takes to edit photos and prepare listings.

A good way to determine your pricing structure is to look at other real estate photography companies in the area. However, you should not copy their prices exactly. This will prevent you from standing out and could limit your profits.

The cost of a real estate photo shoot depends on the size of the property and its unique features. For example, a luxury home with sweeping views might take more time to photograph than a smaller apartment. This is why it’s important to communicate clearly with your clients and set expectations before shooting a property.

Using professional real estate photography can help you get more showings and sell a home faster. This is why it’s worth the investment. It will also help you stand out in the market and make your listing more appealing to potential buyers.

Real estate photography companies offer a variety of packages, including 2D and 3D virtual tours and floor plans. They will work with you to find the right solution for your needs. In addition, they can provide a quick turnaround and deliver high-quality images to your clients. commercial real estate photography

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