Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Review

If your clients’ hair is damaged or weakened by bleaching, highlighting, or excessive heat styling, a strengthening acidic bonding treatment is the solution. The Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate system is a collection of products that contains citric acid, which strengthens weakened bonds to help your clients’ hair stay healthy, strong, and vibrant. The system includes an intensive pre-shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment. All three of these products are sulfate-free and designed to be used together for the best results.

When should clients use the acidic bonding concentrate system? The acidic bonding concentrate system is recommended for all hair types and conditions, but it is especially beneficial for those with chemically processed or over-processed hair, as well as those who frequently style their hair with hot tools or expose their hair to sun and environmental damage. It can also be useful for those with a history of breakage and tangles, or those who have recently colored their hair.

The intensive pre-shampoo contains a concentrated bonding care complex that helps to reinforce weakened bonds in the hair, improve their strength, and protect against color washout. It is also sulfate-free, and it works to restore the pH of the hair to its normal range so that it can better defend against the negative effects of coloring, drying and styling tools, and even water.

This treatment is also available in a light-weight formula, making it suitable for those with finer or thinner strands who still want to see the benefits of an intense conditioning product. The Lightweight Liquid Conditioner can be sprayed directly onto the hair, and it will instantly penetrate and hydrate the strands without leaving them feeling heavy or weighed down.

The leave-in treatment can be applied after using the pre-shampoo or conditioner, and it will continue to repair strands and reduce breakage for a stronger result. It can be used as often as needed, and it is also sulfate-free and provides UV protection.

The Redken acidic bonding concentrate hair care system is a must-have for any professional stylist who wants to provide the best possible results for their clients. This system is sulfate-free, and its citric acid blend strengthens weakened bonds in the hair to improve their strength. The products in this system are easy to use and deliver incredible results. They are also affordable, so you can stock up on these amazing hair care products for your salon today. Shop the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate system today at LovelySkin, and get rewarded with points towards future purchases every time you shop!

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