Robinair AC Machines

SPX Robinair is one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerant recycling machines in the market today. Robinair AC machines are becoming more and more common in modern auto shops that service and repair air conditioning systems. Since 1992, the EPA has prohibited the release of refrigerant into the atmosphere and Robinair is one of the first companies to step in and begin producing quality refrigerant recovery machines for the automotive service industry. These have come along way from just recovering refrigerant from automotive air conditioning systems. Robinair has designed and built units that exchange antifreeze, are recyclers, and the Vehicle Service Solutions line of equipment.

There are many reasons to purchase Robinair AC machines over other brands for your air conditioning service needs. Robinair is constantly updating and introducing the latest technologies and advancements to their line of them. New products are tested on a regular basis and new technologies are in constant development. This means you will be using the latest advancements in your Robinair AC machine. Robinair even has an environmental chamber to simulate real world conditions that might affect your refrigerant recovery machine.

These are made in America. Which means they are a very accessible company with service and warranty centers all over the United States. If you need some warranty or service work done on your Robinair AC machine, chances are there is a service center close to you. To find simply go to their convenient service locator so you can quickly locate the nearest facility.

One of the most popular Robinair AC machines is the CoolTech 34700Z. This unit has all of the latest technological developments that the industry has to offer. The Robinair 34700 does it all. It recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests and recharges R134 air conditioning systems. Robinair makes refrigerant recovery a snap with the 34700Z. This unit is fully automatic. Which means for most functions, you can walk away from the AC machine while it does its thing. For example, the recovery function is fully automatic. First you connect the high and low side hoses to the air conditioning system. Now open the coupler valves on the hoses and press “Recover” on the AC machine. The Robinair 34700 will begin to remove the refrigerant from the ac system. When the system has recovered to a vacuum of 13 in HG the compressor will automatically shut off. Once that is done, the recovery process is complete and you can begin working on the air condition system. It couldn’t be easier! You don’t have to baby sit the unit, it will shut off on its own when the correct vacuum is reached.

Another great automatic feature is the automatic refrigerant refill. The CoolTech 34700Z is designed so the unit maintains 12 to 15 pounds of refrigerant stored internally in the AC machine. The unit will let you know when you need to replace the supply tank. Again no babysitting is required and you will not have to stop working in the middle of your project and change tanks! The automated features don’t stop there either. The 34700Z is equipped with automatic oil drain. During the recovery process the air conditioning system oil is collected and drained into a bottle built into the unit. Robinair AC machines are also great for recharging your air conditioning system. They have built in charging scales and have 6 cfm vacuum pump built into the unit. The 6 cfm vacuum pump is more than enough anything from a small to an RV.

The Robinair AC machine and CoolTech series of refrigerant recovery machines is highly recommended by Red Hill Supply. Using Robinair products means you are using quality American made products that have the most up to date standards. Also, servicing and warranty is much easier and convenient with service centers throughout the United States. plastic pelletizing machine

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