Ruqyah Sheets

Ruqyah is a unique and effective tool for dawah, both within and to the non-Muslims. It demonstrates the triumph of tawhid over shirk in a way that is easily understood by anyone. It is also a means of bringing many Muslims back to their correct path and reviving their iman, taqwa, and dua.

Many people have questions regarding the permissibility of ruqyah and what types of verses, names, or supplications are to be used. According to the Hadeeth of the Companions, it is permissible for ruqyah to be done with things that bring no harm and do not contradict the Sharee’ah. Therefore, it is permitted to use the Names of Allah The Almighty or verses from the Quran if they are comprehensible and do not include shirk.

The raqis will analyse your situation and then print off a ruqyah fire sheet. This ruqyah asks Allah to burn away the demons, evil eye or magic that may be affecting you. It is then burnt and sent into the unseen world to send its message.

This ruqyah should be done daily until you are completely cured of the sickness/magic/evil eye. During the time of listening to this ruqyah, you should ideally refrain from all other activities and focus on it. If it is not helping after a few days, you should reassess your yaqin and niyyah and ask for forgiveness through istighfar as it may be due to a sin that has blocked the help of Allah The Almighty. Ruqyah sheets

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