Simple Washer Repair You Can Do at Home

When you notice that your washer is making unusual sounds, or is not agitating or spinning, it can be a sign of an electrical or technical glitch. Often these problems require the help of a skilled Art Adams Appliance Repair technician to diagnose and resolve.

Other times, the problem may be simpler to fix. For example, if your washer is leaking from the back or drain line, you can usually clear that problem by accessing the back of your unit to remove the drain hose and checking it for clogs from hair, lint, or other materials. Using a wire hanger, hot water, and sometimes chemical cleaners can get your washer draining properly again.

Another simple, at-home repair that can save you money is replacing the agitator belt in your washer. When you see rust or worn spots on the belt, it is time to replace it. A new agitator belt is inexpensive and easy to install, and can save you a lot of time rewashing clothes with old, worn out one.

Lastly, if your washer is shaking and moving around the floor, it can be a sign that the unit’s feet are not set properly on your home’s floors. Typically, the leveling feet on your washer have a locking nut that you can loosen with a wrench to extend or reduce their height to keep the unit stable. Using your hands, you can then rotate the legs to adjust the leveling. washer repair

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