Spider-Man Miles Morales Costume

Whether you’re heading to a comic convention or just hanging out with friends, this Spider-man Miles Morales Costume is the perfect choice for showing off your superhero style. Crafted from stretchy jersey knit fabric, this red and blue suit top features vivid graphics of Miles’ signature design. And with a hood sewn right on the top, you can go incognito or shield yourself from the elements.

As you play through Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse, you’ll unlock new suits for Miles Morales to wear while fighting crime in Harlem. He even has a few costumes from other characters, including Peter Parker’s old Spider-man suit and his own take on the black and white look.

This suit is a nod to Miles’ first comics appearances, when he donned a knock-off Spider-man costume he borrowed from Pete. It lacks the lines that connect the shoulders and the legs, and has a shorter log, but it’s still an excellent choice for a quick fight.

The Brooklyn Visions Academy suit is a modification to Miles’ classic suit that adds a school jacket and backpack for those days when crimes don’t stop just because you’re late for class. It also gives Miles a more stylized cel-shaded look, inspired by the animated suits from the Spider-man Into the Spider-verse films.

This suit is only available in the New Game+ version of Spider-man Into the Spider-verse, and it’s the one that Miles wears after saving the day at the mall. This simple suit is the perfect way to celebrate Miles’ self-reliance, and it reminds players that he’s not the same Peter Parker that he was before his rebirth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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