Tennis Machines

In this world, where hands are now only used to operate the machines, people own several amazing machines that are only used for sports related tasks. Here we are going to discuss a few machines that are used for live tennis only.

1.       Tennis Battery, Twist Ball Machine

This is a battery shaped machine, light in weight and used to shoot tennis balls. The time duration of shooting is after 5 seconds. This machine can hold up to twenty nine balls and this is because of its spiral structure. As it is lightweight so it is also portable.

2.       Sports Elite Portable Machine

This is a portable tennis ball machine, which is designed by ergonomists. It weight is forty-four pounds only. It has a hopper on top that can hold 150 balls. It can throw random type of shots and the speed limit can also be changed. It has extra-large wheels that help you in movement of machine easily. The machine is operated on the basis of battery and has a battery charger too so its court time is 5-8 hours. You can also control this machine with the help of a wireless remote. The famous company that manufactures this machine is known as “Lobster”.  Different models are also available in this machine with some additional features.

3.       Tennis Ball Machine by Rookie

This is a useful machine for beginners and it is made up of Aluminum still it’s not too weighty, but 22 pounds only. It has options and knobs/buttons to change ball speed, ball height and shot type. It is a battery operated machine and the battery time is 4-5 hours that are enough for player to do its practice.

4.       Tenn Tube

This is a simple machine, used as a hopper or pickup for tennis balls. There are different colors, sizes and materials available in it.

5.       Score Keeper

Again a simple machine that is portable and used to record score.

6.       Ball Bucket Machine by Lobster

A machine that supports different levels of practicing live tennis, have a long barrel that shots the ball. With the help of this machine we can manage ball speed, directions, spinning, height, angles and intervals. We can control this machine with help of a remote too. There are some other accessories like extensions; cover, etc. are also available with this machine.

7.       Tennis Footwork Trainer

This is amazing equipment used to practice tennis shots, footwork training, improve your timings and to increase the power of your shot. It has a flexible shaft having a ball within a rubber ring. The base is for the support of the shaft. You can use it anywhere as it is a portable machine.

There are many other tennis machines that are used in different locations for training and practice purposes. If you want to buy any machine, you can also buy it online. There are other machines that are not used for game purposes, but cleaning of courts. These machines are in the list of tennis machines. Eyeleting machine

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