The Basics of 2d Animation

2d animation is a beautiful medium that allows for unlimited creative freedom. It has an enduring charm, whether it’s used to convey children’s stories or thought-provoking narratives for adults. Its adaptability also empowers storytellers to relay marketing messages with visual elegance and sophistication.

The first step in the animation process is pre-production, during which the team works on the script of the video, designs characters and the environment, and creates a storyboard. This is a preparation stage that allows for an organized flow of events in the final video. It is essential to nail the script as this serves as a foundation for the entire production.

Once the script is in place, the animators can work on the rough image sequence of the video. This allows them to note important details such as characters, scenarios, and dialogue, and it also helps them identify any possible issues before moving on to the next phase of production.

At this stage, the animators will also take a closer look at the color palettes and set the tone of the video. It is essential that the colors are well chosen, as they send subliminal messages to the viewers and can change their perception of the video. Colour grading is particularly important, as it can help the video to feel more alive and intense, or more calming and soothing. This step can be the most challenging, but it is also one of the most crucial in the whole animation process. 2d animation

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