The Best Portable Pump

The best portable pump offers great performance and portability in a small package. These cord-free pumps are easy to set up and require fewer parts to clean than their corded counterparts. They’re also smaller and quieter, making them more discreet and convenient to bring with you. They’re great for pumping while you’re on-the-go, such as during your workday or while traveling or commuting.

The Momcozy is a wearable pump that’s lightweight and cord-free, but it still packs plenty of punch. Its suction power is strong on the lowest setting and one charge lasts up to five pumping sessions. It comes as a full kit with a portable pump setup, bag, ice pack, bottles and more so you can start pumping right away. This is a budget-friendly option that’s less pricey and more intuitive than the Willow Gen 3 wearable pump.

The Spectra S1 is one of the most portable pumps that our testers have tried, and it gets great scores for comfort and ease of use. Its streamlined design has just two pieces that need washing, and its trackball control is super user-friendly. This portable double electric pump uses two-phase expression technology to mimic natural breastfeeding patterns and increase milk output in half the time compared to similar Medela models. Its comfort factor is also high and our testers found it to be the most like a natural breastfeeding experience of all the portable pumps we tested. best portable pump

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