Top 5 Online Sex Shops

For anyone not a member of the kink gang, shopping for pleasure toys can feel intimidating. But thanks to the internet, best sex store have been modernized—and made much less scary. From online boutiques that sift through the skeezy and offer only top-notch goods to sexy shops in NYC where you can actually get hands-on with erotic toys, it’s easier than ever to find what your kinky heart desires.

A quick peek into Pleasure Chest will have you thinking it’s a posh boutique, with mahogany tables and white shelves that give it an Upper East Side vibe. But look closer and you’ll see a sea of vibrators that are organized by fetish, from simple (but fun) ones like the vibrating penis ring to more intense options (like the leather G string harness). Plus, there’s a wide range of toys designed for clitoral stimulation.

If you’re a newbie to the kinky game, sex tech is one of the best ways to get started. That’s what makes Lovense our favorite go-to for sex toys—this online shop carries everything from high-tech gadgets to basic vibrators with a discreet aesthetic that are perfect for a first timer. They’re also a huge resource for learning how to use toys by offering an extensive glossary and an entertainingly named “vibrator wizard” quiz that helps you pick the right device for you.

Founded in 2017 by sexologist Rebecca Story, this intimate wellness superstore isn’t your average sex toy shop. It offers a variety of toys and lingerie for all genders but focuses on promoting sexual wellness with an educational approach, offering a nifty sex ed blog and helpful videos that explain how to properly use toys like the wildly popular Enby toy. In addition to the brand’s own products, the online shop also stocks other cult favorites like Satisfyer and Le Wand.

This sexy lingerie store has an extensive selection of sex toys that are as beautiful as they are practical, from butt sex toys to a wide range of cuffs that cinch your nipples together. The sexy vibes don’t stop when you walk out the door, either—the shop has a wide range of erotica-themed candles and lubes.

If you want to try something out of the ordinary, head over to Shag in Brooklyn. This quaint sex-positive shop has some truly out of this world pleasure objects, from the bronze vagina door knob to the Japanese bondage ropes (shown below). They’ve even got food-based sex toys for those who prefer eating their kink.

While most of us are more comfortable buying sex toys on the internet, there’s nothing wrong with heading to an actual store in person. Check out our list of the best sex shops in NYC.

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