Voiceovers – Avoid Voiceover Marketplace Mistakes

A lot of voiceover talent think they can rely on online voiceover marketplaces to help them get work. And to differing degrees, these P2P websites are good for that – the ability to search by a whole load of different criteria (for example a conversational UK male voiceover aged 30) is pretty useful.

But there are plenty of problems with this approach. For one, clients will come to these sites expecting a cheap and fast solution. And they often don’t pay market rates for the cheapest, lowest quality voiceovers available.

Another issue is that these sites can often be a minefield for the unwary. Some will try and trick you into doing a cheap, low-quality job with misleading names like “Jon Smith” or “Lawnmower TV Commercial”. Others won’t even pay you for your work, and you’ll never see a penny of your money.

Lastly, there are plenty of people using these sites who aren’t qualified to be working on professional VO projects. They might be friends or family members who have no understanding of what a professional voiceover is, and who aren’t paying market rate for their work.

The best way to avoid these issues is to look for reputable, well-established voiceover agencies. They’ll offer a professional studio and highly experienced audio engineers, and they’ll only work with vetted, talented voice artists. They’ll also understand the full spectrum of VO genres, and they’ll know how much it costs to produce top-notch audio. voiceovers.uk

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