What Disease Does Sam Waterston Have?

Sam Waterston, the star of television’s Law & Order, is one of the most popular television characters on the air today. In addition to being a talented actor, Waterston is also a passionate humanitarian. He is currently visiting Cambodia to help highlight the misery caused by anti-personnel mines. Hopefully, he will be able to do his part to stop these atrocities.

Law & Order

Law & Order is one of the longest-running dramas in television history. This year, the show is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary. To mark this occasion, a dozen cast members gathered in the show’s courtroom last September.

Several familiar faces are set to return to the series this year, including Sam Waterston. The actor, who played Jack McCoy in the original show, will reprise his role for the new version. He has appeared in films such as Martin Sheen and John Waters, and was nominated for an Emmy for his work on Lost Civilizations. In England, he has earned a number of BAFTA nominations.

The cable news show will also feature Jeff Daniels, who will play Will, a co-anchor at a station. His character was originally written as a fortysomething, but he was recently recast.

The Paley Center for Media will host a special salute to Law & Order: SVU on Jan. 2 at 9pm. The special will include interviews with the cast and a walk down memory lane to the beginning of the show in 1999.

Sam Waterston is known for his role as District Attorney Jack McCoy on “Law & Order” and was nominated for several awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe. He is also an advocate for protecting life in our oceans. Currently, he sits on the board of Oceana, an ocean advocacy group.

Along with his wife Lynn, Waterston has four children. He is also on the board of the Public Theater. Aside from his acting career, he is involved in the advocacy organization Oceana, which is the world’s largest climate advocacy group focused on the seas.

Oceana Benefit

One of the most memorable events of the social season was the Oceana benefit for Sam Waterston. This annual fundraiser brought together Hollywood’s finest for a night of cocktails, food and entertainment. It’s not surprising that this event is always well attended. The Oceana foundation is known for its green policy and it is eager to see new laws pass.

During the evening, Ted Danson, who is one of the most engaging hosts you’ll ever meet, took center stage to explain the merits of the sea change, a new Oceana program designed to help coastal communities tackle the issue of ocean waste. During the course of the evening, the audience had the chance to mingle with Hollywood’s brightest and boldest, including actors Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lopez, and Bradley Cooper, and singer/songwriter Jackson Browne.

There’s no denying that Oceana is a force to be reckoned with. With offices in North America, South America, Europe and Central America, the organization is able to engage in a number of activities aimed at preserving the environment. A few of these initiatives include the aforementioned SeaChange and its offshoot, Arms over the Sand.

Other notable achievements of Oceana include a stellar research library, a top notch litigation team and a laudable commitment to education. Their efforts are supported by an impressive roster of volunteers, supporters and donors, including celebrities, scientists and economists. While Oceana does have its nitpicks, its supporters are devoted to the cause of preserving our watery home.

To say that a large percentage of our waters are impacted by air pollution and climate change is an understatement. In fact, two thirds of our oceans are stressed by acidification.


“Anesthesia” is a tad sleazy, but it does have a few gems to be had. The film is a baffling feat of casting, bringing together a stellar cast of actors. From the director of “House of Cards,” to the actress who starred in the cult classic “The Matrix,” the ensemble delivers a slew of compelling performances, making for a surprisingly entertaining experience. While the movie may not have the best story, it does deliver some of the best performances you’ll ever see on the big screen.

For starters, there’s a lot of booze, but there’s also a fair amount of sexiness, not to mention some of the more racy and unmentionable perks of living in the Big Apple. In addition to the usual suspects, “Anesthesia” includes some interesting subplots. Among them is a revolving love triangle that culminates in a high profile marriage. Also, a certain doctor is the real deal, and that’s a whole other story.

The film’s most notable flaw is its tendency to overstay its welcome. Rather than taking the long view, “Anesthesia” attempts to resolve a few small scale problems while neglecting larger societal issues such as the opioid epidemic. It is an engrossing and sometimes abrasive experience, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Toss in some of the most colorful characters and you’ve got a recipe for some highs and lows.

Anesthesia is the movie if you don’t mind a little pain. It’s the kind of movie that you will want to watch with a beer in your hand. Having said that, the film is not for the faint of heart. Although “Anesthesia” will probably hit theaters in 2016, IFC has set up a day and date release for the film, so you won’t have to wait too long.

Acting in Prospero for the Public

Sam Waterston has had a career in acting that includes numerous award-winning roles. He has also acted in movies and television, and has been credited with earning an Emmy nomination for The Killing Fields, a Golden Globe nomination for I’ll Fly Away, and a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Lost Civilizations. Besides his work in film, he has been on the board of the Public Theater and Oceana. His charity organization, Refugees International, has been an important part of his life. Currently, he serves on the advisory board of the Center for Refugee and Disaster Response.

When he isn’t performing, Sam Waterston is the father of four children and the husband of Lynn. They live in Connecticut. Before they got married, he studied at Yale University and went to graduate school at the London School of Economics. Their family is still active in the community, having served on the boards of Oceana and the Public Theater, and are involved in a variety of other organizations. In 2008, he received the Goodermote Humanitarian Award for his charitable work.

Waterston is now back on the cast of Law & Order. It’s a good move on his part. In addition to his role on the show, he is serving on the board of the Austen Riggs facility, where he helps care for the mentally ill. This is his fourth appearance on the series, and he looks forward to it.

For his role as Prospero, Waterston brings little to the table this time around. He’s flat in his performance, and his delivery is hesitant. But the actors are excellent, and the production is very well-staged. So, if you’re interested in seeing a play that has been well-staged before, look for The Tempest.

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