Why Flutter Is the UI Toolkit of Choice for Tech-Savvy Clients and Developers

Flutter is an open source UI toolkit that allows developers to build iOS, Android, and Web apps with a single codebase. It’s used by developers and organizations worldwide to lower app development costs and speed time to market.

The Flutter team has detailed docs and tutorials, but a growing online community also provides videos and courses from Udemy, Coursera, YouTube, etc. The community also participates in forums, GitHub discussions and other community platforms to help answer questions and gather feedback from the developer community.

The heart of flutter is a widget architecture, where each UI element can consist of a single or multiple widgets. Each widget describes the logic, interaction, and design of a UI component with a declarative interface inspired by React. The underlying render engine, Skia (or in future, Impeller) draws the widgets in native code. The advantage is that you can take full control of the performance of your application, including enabling foldable screens on Android phones.

Flutter has a number of other features that make it the framework of choice for tech-savvy clients, developers, enterprises and users. These include:

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