An MBA Studies Program Can Be a Career Changer

An MBA studies program can be a career changer for anyone looking to build a more fulfilling life, including better time management and leadership skills. The hard skills a student gains in an MBA are incredibly valuable, and can be used in many ways—from managing teams to networking with peers.

An MBA can also give students the financial acumen to responsibly grow a business, and a more expansive outlook for global strategies. It’s the kind of learning that can’t always be gained through experience alone, and is well worth the sacrifice.

At MIT Sloan, an MBA curriculum is built around the idea of advancing “a smarter future.” Mossavar-Rahmani says that one of the most important things that Sloan does for its students is to get to know them individually, which gives him and his colleagues insight into their goals and how they can best help them reach those goals through the curriculum.

Most MBA programs will have students work on group projects that result in a presentation to the class, which is an excellent way to improve communication and teamwork skills. The core courses will cover the fundamentals of business, and most schools will allow students to choose a concentration or pursue a dissertation/major project. Common broad electives include entrepreneurship, finance (including corporate and investment finance), international business, accounting, managerial economics, management information systems, marketing and organizational design.

Many MBA students form close bonds with their classmates, who are often assigned to a section. This is a great opportunity to make connections that will last after graduation and beyond. These relationships can open doors to new opportunities and provide support as you navigate the challenges of a career change. studium mba

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