Dress Up Like Wednesday Addams at The Costume Shop

If your child wants to dress up as Wednesday Addams from the 2022 Netflix series, there are plenty of options that will do the trick. Whether she wants to emulate her dance dress from the show or a more casual look from Nevermore Academy, we’ve got you covered.

From a black Peter Pan collar fit and flare dress to a tulle version that’s sure to fly through the air, there’s something for every kid. And if your little one has a pair of combat boots she can wear all season long, they’re Wednesday-approved.

The grown-up version of this costume is also sure to turn heads. Unlike other dresses that might verge on cutesy, this style has a more modern misaligned collar that looks sophisticated when paired with a pair of black heels. Plus, if your daughter wants to dress up as Wednesday’s younger self from the show, she can switch out the black heels for a pair of Mary Jane shoes.

And don’t forget a deadpan look and a dark pout for the finishing touch. You’ll need the right wig for that, too. This spooky braided option will give your child the right length and style to complete her look. Added bonus: It can double as a cute hairstyle to use at home for playtime or other everyday dressing. The Costume Shop is a full service costume store with a wide range of children’s and adult costumes as well as wigs, props, accessories and theatrical makeup. It also offers a custom-made costume service for adults, children and pets. wednesday addams dress

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