Hair Salon Business Ownership: Are You Tuned In or Out?

Video marketing utilizing hair salon business ownership using resources and websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook is of the up most importance as it relates to marketing your salon business.

As a hair salon business owner video marketing should be a strategic priority when it comes to getting the word out about what you do and how you do it. Not only is it an easy and inexpensive marketing tool it has been proven to work when used properly.

Many many years ago video recording and equipment required a professional or film student at a minimum to capture the details of our industry. Today, as a salon owner you can use a consumer style video recorder and an editing tool that comes with your computer to capture and promote your hair salon business ownership.

The beauty (no pun intended) of video marketing is that it allows even the smallest hair salon business the opportunity to compete with the biggest salon in the area, city, state and country. The playing field is even and as the owner of a hair salon business you have to make sure you get in the game and use it to your advantage.

If you are thinking, “hey I’m not a videographer…I can’t do this” you are wrong! With a few tips and insider tricks your videos can look professional and better than most small businesses on the web today.

Think of video marketing on the internet as a way to reach your target market for little of nothing compared to traditional avenues like television and radio. The thousand of dollars you would spend to have your video, commercial or promotion aired on national television you could get possibly get as many viewers online for almost FREE. That’s pretty amazing.

YouTube alone receives over two billion (2,000,000,000) views daily. TWO BILLION. Not only does this let you know that people are watching videos but they are also turning to resources like YouTube to get information on how to do things like roll my hair. As a salon business owner you are at the center of a video marketing explosion.

Imagine your salon videos that are you are using to market your products and services receiving just.000001% of that two billion a day. That is 20 people watching your videos daily which is over 600 people a month seeing that you are an expert in your field. If we take it a step further that is over 7,200 people in one year looking at you for a cost of little of nothing if not FREE – just your time and effort.

If you are a hair salon owner looking to grow and expand your salon business both physically and profitably one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to do that is through online video marketing. Tables Manucures

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