Hiking the Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail Customer Service is one of America’s most famous hiking trails, and with good reason. It offers hikers stunning views of rivers, forests, and mountains. However, there are some parts of the trail that are challenging, and they should be approached with caution. The hiker should also make sure to bring proper equipment and have knowledge of the trail’s rules and etiquette.

Located near the town of Stroud in Lincoln County, you can find a 21-foot stone obelisk that marks the route of the Ozark Trail. The highway marker is part of a system of private road markings created by members of the Ozark Trails Association, and it predates the United States federal highway system. The obelisk is still in place today, although it has been tagged with graffiti in the past. The marker is located west of the intersection of Oklahoma 66 and 3440 Road, and is a great way to get a feel for the history of Route 66.

The obelisk is only the most recent of many that were built along the trail. There are markers in Missouri (including those at Meramec State Park and Johnson’s Shut-ins State Park), Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and New Mexico. Many of these were erected by the Ozark Trails Association, and some remain in use to this day. The group of private citizens that formed the Ozark Trails Association attempted to encourage local municipalities to build and maintain road systems in their communities.

While the Ozark Trail is a beautiful hiking destination, it can be dangerous in places. Hikers should be aware of the cliffs, boulders, and rivers on the trail, and should avoid them at all costs. It is also important for hikers to wear comfortable and sturdy shoes, and to carry plenty of water. Lastly, hikers should always wear sunscreen and bug spray to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays.

Hiking the Ozark Trail can be a challenge, but it is well worth the effort. The breathtaking scenery and incredibly unique rock formations are sure to keep hikers captivated throughout their journey. Those looking for an even more adventurous experience can camp out on the trail with a tent or sleeping bag. However, be prepared for the cold and snow that can occur during certain times of the year.

There are a number of reasons to consider camping on the Ozark Trail, including its accessibility and affordability. As the popularity of the trail continues to grow, there are more options for camping than ever before. The emergence of more affordable, high-quality outdoor gear is helping to open the door to more people who are interested in camping on the Ozark Trail.

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