Ignorance On Depression Can Aggravate Depression – Confused? Read this!

Most of the time people use this word without even knowing its full implication. Whatever problem a person may be facing, people like to say-“oh! He is going through depression”. Somehow people find this term very regal and appropriate to describe a person’s plight. But every person who is going through some kind of trouble needn’t be depressed. On the other hand there can be people who are depressed without any apparent cause. The truth of the matter is that we, the layman, don’t exactly know what depression is, nor do we bother to know. We are just happy to know the term and somehow use it.

Depression is much more dangerous than we take it to be and also much more painful. Only the one’s who suffer or have suffered depression can understand the real pain of having and tackling it. There are some who succumb to depression in such a way that they either end up in a lunatic asylum or end their lives completely. Had we realized what an acute curse depression is, we would not have associated it with every second person who had some kind of a problem.

This is a very complex mental mechanism. It sets in a person when there is some hormonal imbalance in the brain of the person concerned. However we cannot sit down to take a note of all the probable causes of depression simply because they are innumerable. Plus they may vary from person to person. There are however broad divisions of certain common causes of depression- Perinatal depression, Postpartum depression, Dysthymia, Manic Depression, Atypical Depression and Psychotic Depression are some of them. The irony of the matter is that there’s nobody who is spared from depression. Baring the new born infants, the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the ugly, all can fall prey to depression. The funny part is that even Mother Nature goes through depression! In this sense we can even go a little further and say that depression is a great equalizer. Anyways jokes apart it would do us a little good if we use a term after knowing its meaning in and out. You must have heard the saying little knowledge is dangerous. Same is applicable here. It’s better to be in the “blissful world of ignorance” rather than to have incomplete knowledge.

Incomplete knowledge regarding the cure of depression can be practically fatal. So don’t venture into that area with your “half filled vessel”. It would be advisable to leave that area for a doctor to look into. For your knowledge I would like to divulge that there are medicines which can help you get rid of this unseen disease. Xanax tranquilizers, valium and other anti-depressants are easily available but remember not to buy xanax or any other anti-depressant on your own as they can deteriorate your condition if taken without medical prescription. Worse still a person can develop dependency on these drugs if taken without consultation. So always take precautions while taking anti- depressants. Whether you order xanax from a chemist or buy xanax online, CAUTION is the watch word. acquistare farmaci da prescrizione in Italia

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