Pilates Classes in Wollongong

If you want to improve your balance, flexibility, posture, and muscle tone then a Pilates workout may be just the thing for you. Pilates is a low impact exercise that has many health and wellbeing benefits and can be used by people of all fitness levels. It is a form of exercise that was developed by Joseph Pilates and involves controlled exercises that work the body through precise ranges of movement with breath control.

There are a number of Pilates studios in the Wollongong area and each offers a different class program. Some offer group classes and equipment based Pilates while others have one on one private sessions or semi-private lessons. There are also many online classes you can join to help you learn the basics.

A Pilates session usually lasts about 45 to 90 minutes and includes floor based exercises that are often performed with the use of specialised equipment such as the Reformer. There are a variety of exercise sequences that are repeated a few times during a session and they focus on controlled movements, precise placement, and concentration. Unlike some other forms of exercise Pilates is not intense and muscles are rarely worked to the point of fatigue.

Some studios have a range of classes that cater to specific needs and injuries. For example, if you have back pain or are recovering from an injury a physiotherapist can teach you how to perform Pilates safely and effectively. Alternatively, you can join a Pilates group class with an experienced instructor to learn the basic techniques and build your strength over time.

Having an active lifestyle is essential to good health but sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to workout. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to fit a workout into your day then check out the RPM class at Club Lime. This indoor group cycling class will help you to burn calories, strengthen your legs and improve your endurance without the strain of running.

Another option is to try a Core Fusion class at Yoga Insync. This is a high-energy workout that incorporates Pilates, strength training and cardio drills. This class is a great option for beginners who are new to fitness or seasoned yogis who are seeking a challenging workout.

For those who are interested in a more clinical approach to Pilates there is Phytness Clinical Pilates. This is a method of specific exercise that has evolved from traditional Pilates and includes a thorough assessment by a physiotherapist. The Physiotherapist will identify any problems or pathologies that require special attention and will provide you with a personalised program to achieve your desired outcome.

Some clinics offer a combination of both Physiotherapy and Pilates and some also have NDIS approved physiotherapists who can prescribe Clinical Pilates. This type of Pilates is particularly effective in rehabilitation and improving the function of the body with injury and disability. The benefit of a private Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates program is that it can be claimed under your NDIS plan as part of the ‘Improved Daily Living’ category. pilates wollongong

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