Meal Delivery Services For Busy People

Whether you’re struggling to find time to cook at home, looking for healthy food options or trying to stick with your diet resolutions, there are plenty of meal delivery services on the market that can help. From meal-kit services that include pre-portioned ingredients to pre-made meals that are ready to eat, these delivery options are the perfect solution for busy people.

ready meals delivered services offer a menu that’s changing weekly so you always have something new to try. Others like to focus on a specific dietary diet, such as vegan or plant-based meals. Still, most of these services provide meals that are easy to heat up in a microwave and require little or no prep.

Many of these services are also priced competitively with restaurant takeout – which is a great option for those who are watching their budget. And they’re often a lot healthier than takeout because they use fewer calories and are prepared from scratch.

A few of the latest options on the scene are “full service” meal delivery services that do a lot of the cooking and cleaning for you. Salad Servers Direct and &Dine are just two examples of these services, which allow you to browse their meal options online and have the food delivered to your door ready to be eaten as is or reheated later. &Dine is even more unique in that it’s set up like a kind of food version of Etsy, allowing you to shop for meals from independent kitchens and chefs across the country who are willing to deliver fresh-cooked meals to your door.

The best meal delivery services have something for everyone, with choices that range from gourmet ingredients to chef-created meals to specialized diet options. Some, like Thistle, also make an effort to reduce food waste by only sending you what you’ll need each week and not wasting produce that goes bad before it’s used.

Other services, such as Factor, allow you to choose from nearly two dozen dietitian-designed meals each week that are ready to eat in minutes and come with a side salad, steamed vegetables or roasted potatoes. Factor also offers more than 30 add-ons, such as cold-pressed juices and wellness shots.

Frozen meals are a staple of American freezers, and they’re great for people who need a meal on hand but don’t have the time or energy to prep. But as grocery retailers continue to seek out new ways to meet shopper demand, many are turning to ready-made meals to offer shoppers quick and easy meal options that are safe to eat in-store or at home. For more on how to do this, read our blog article, How Grocery Retailers Can Offer Ready-to-Eat Meals Using Enhanced Fulfillment. This content is brought to you by Mercatus, a strategic partner for the world’s top grocery retailers. Learn more today.

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