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If you are like thousands of Americans,

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 then you most probably have wooden floors in your home. Wooden floors are the current trend, and they can last very long with proper care and protection. Having them and needing to protect them present great opportunities to decorate according to your unique taste, and to make a statement. This is done by choosing the perfect rug that suits well with the other items in the room.

Rugs are generally classified according to style –one chooses modern and contemporary, casual, traditional, or vintage. Then there are area rugs, doormats, rug runners, and accent rugs. According to pattern or design, there are floral rugs, stripe rugs, solid rugs, and geometric rugs. They can be made of wool, jute, cotton, or synthetic material. The synthetic kind has the look and feel of wool rugs –a good choice because they really last long even if placed in high foot-traffic areas in the home.

Why are area rugs so popular? Well, aside from enabling you to express yourself with floor art, it it’s an excellent protection for the floor. Imagine the scratches and dirt your wooden floor accumulates without rugs –it’s difficult to maintain the sheen and clean it. It’s much easier to vacuum clean the rug. In the play areas, this cover for the floor is especially needed. Another reason is they are effective at stopping the sometimes irritating click of high heels. Also, when you take off your outdoor shoes, rugs prevent your feet from the cold of the floor. Rugs can warm you, and their presence can warm-up a room in terms of creating a centerpiece. Plus, these braided rugs, for instance, are usually placed just inside or just outside a door simply to trap dirt embedded in the shoes.

Effecting a theme for specific areas in the room starts form the downside of things –the rugs. Whatever your taste or your plans, you will surely find an area rug that fits the furniture and wall decors you have in mind at Rugs Direct. With over 100,000 area rugs available on head, it has the biggest collection of choices, one can shop online and take a look at their interesting eco-friendly rugs. Or the Savannah- transitional rugs good for outdoors also. It has a collection of imported Asian rugs, but prides itself on being the exclusive distributor of American Star rugs which are made in the USA.

Another reason for going to Rugs Direct is that your options there don’t stop at beautiful colors and patterns. Indeed, a must-see and must-have is their assortment of Wildlife Impressions rugs. You guessed it –animal designs splendidly made so that one is inspired to have a lodge – themed den to accommodate these lovely prices. They are made of nylon, meaning durable enough to be placed at the entryway if one wishes so. Such an accumulation of varied designs one only sees at Rugs Direct. runner rugs

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